We’ve been supporting the wonderful work of the team at Climate Action Ilkley with their community ‘Digital Device Donation Drives’.

Here’s how you can organise your own and get us to support your local initiative.  Thanks to Ruth for taking the time to share their steps:

  1. Put a call out on social media to say that you’re coordinating the collection of unwanted digital devices (laptops, tablets, PCs & mobiles, ideally <5yrs old & working), to go to those in need nearby.
  2. Arrange with the Digital Access West Yorkshire team to take devices you collect to Hyde Park Book Club, for cleaning, securely wiping of all data & repurposing to those in need across your district, especially for online schooling, social connections & other online requirements eg medical, shopping etc.
  3. If you can remove any accounts eg Apple iTunes accounts, restore factory settings etc, its a bonus and will guarantee that the technicians can repurpose all of the donations. Further details about how to wipe your device id you’d like to can be found here.
  4. If you have older devices that are still in working order, you could also collect them now and store them for a quieter time, when the DAWY tech team have a bit longer to do the wiping and upgrades required before they can be repurposed.



Get in touch with our team if you either want to run your own drive, donate tech directly or support our fundraising.