About this Event

A national meet up for all interested or already involved in getting tech and internet connectivity to those who need it.

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Thurs 25th Feb 6.30-8.30pm


Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

Hop on and join us for the second national digital access meetup.

We just got started in January with over 100 people from across the UK came together to look at practical, local solutions to help get devices and connectivity to people who need them. Some of us were from national, long standing organisations, others totally new and looking for advice/support and ideas.

In breakouts rooms, we learnt about and discussed:

  • tech processes
  • educational initiatives
  • communications
  • community action
  • sustainability and fundraising.

We met people with vast expertise and welcomed people who just want to act now and make an impact.

We were all united by a desire to connect, share and resolve the immediate requirements, as well as have conversations about rights, values and national lobbying/action.

As the problem isn’t going away, and in fact we’ve dealt with a massive wave of donations in the past month. We’d like to discuss bottlenecks and challenges in dealing with this influx of donations. And daily new projects and initiatives are springing up to address the need, we will continue to catalyse a peer to peer network of DIY, Local, and National approaches where we can learn from each other, create an overview nationally of what, who and how, and amplify each other’s initiatives.

Join us if you want to be part of shaping a practical and ethical networked approach to digital access, sustainability and equity.


What can we all achieve if we link arms?

  • Agenda
  • 6:30 Intro
  • Breakouts
  • Come together