How can I donate a device?

How to donate:

  1. Please fill out this form and tell us about your donation. That’ll help us to prepare the technical team.
  2. Take your device and cables to Hyde Park Book Club. Please hand it to a staff member and ensure your device and cables are bagged together.


Will the equipment be cleaned and safe for someone else to use?

After the donation is collected, it will be thoroughly cleaned before it is donated to the next recipient. The item will also be wiped and reset to ensure it is ready for the new person/family. A computer specialist will do this to ensure people’s privacy and data are protected. If you prefer to wipe the data yourself before donating, follow these instructions.

What will happen to all my data on the tech that I donate?

The item you donate will be entirely wiped and reset to its original factory settings by a computer specialist. No personal data will remain on any devices distributed to our recipients.

What will happen with the funds that I donate?

The donated funds will allow us to buy appropriate technology that we can distribute to people/families in West Yorkshire so that they can connect digitally.

Who can donate to the scheme?

Anybody who is over the age of 18 years can donate. You must own the item that you want to donate.

Who will receive my tech, and how are they chosen?

Individuals, children and families are identified by referral partners who have strong links with the community, such as headteachers, GPs, health and wellbeing professionals or a local community group. We are guided by the professional judgement of a partner organisation that prioritises the need for digital access, and we never meet the final recipient.

Examples of brilliant partners we work with include LS14 Trust, Parklands School, Kirkstall Valley Primary, St Matthias Church School, Seagulls Paint and many more.

Devices are allocated on a device received; device donated basis. There may be times when we do not have devices available to distribute, or there’s a delay as we work through lots of donations – please bear with us!