Digital access is the ability to fully participate in society. This includes access to tools and technologies, such as the Internet and computers, that allow for full participation.

The current Covid 19 crisis has created greater demand for connectivity. This project aims to help by match people who have spare machines, with those who require them.

We’re a group of volunteers with a background in refurbishing and distributing tech, digital inclusion, education and community development. We came together as conversations with people working directly with families across communities have revealed there is an immediate requirement to resolve the need for connectivity and devices.

We’re seeking machines to redistribute. Do you or your organisation have devices no longer in use? We are seeking machines which work, are safe and run a minimum of Windows 7. Ideally they should be under 5 years old.

If you’re interested and can help, we’d love to hear from you. We’re especially interested in support from any technicians (able to help wipe computers etc), and if you are an organisational whizz we need help with administration.

Also please help spread the word.

If you or somebody you know could use help accessing a machine, please let us know and if we hear of a reciprocal donator, we’ll be in touch.

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