🚀🚀 Our crowdfunder is over £8,000 now 🚀🚀

Great effort from lots of people and thanks to everyone doing their bit!

Now that the first batches of new Chromebooks have been given to headteachers, we thought it was time for them to share what a difference it’s making to children at their schools.  Here’s how you’ve helped, in the words of local headteachers:

“Following the announcement that the lockdown will continue until at least the 8th March your actions mean that some of our most disadvantaged pupils now have access to their learning and a link to their teachers in their own home, which is really important for them so that they don’t fall behind and so that they can contact us if they need to. ”

“Thank you on behalf of the staff and pupils at Carrwood Primary School for your incredibly generous donation of brand-new Chromebooks, we are absolutely delighted with them and they have already been allocated to the families that need them.”


“Thank you again. This allows us to keep our vulnerable and critical worker children who are in school but accessing remote learning (if that makes sense) using a device whilst still being able to meet the demand of our remote families. Wonderful :)”

“That’s incredible. I can’t thank you enough. Truly a wonderful thing you have done.”




“We hear so much about disadvantaged pupils being impacted on the most during this pandemic, but your generosity has enabled more of our families to have something that will help to bridge the gap.”

“Amazing support – thank you so much!”




We’re still crowdfunding and taking donated devices to repurpose for their next owner.  Our referral list just isn’t going down with the requests for laptops and tablets growing each day.

Thanks for shouting out to share and support what we’re doing – it’s a big team effort now, and we’re grateful that you’re part of it 🙏🏻🙌