As you know the vast majority of children are now learning remotely from school at home. Another lockdown means more children need a digital device to get online and achieve their potential, and we know from headteachers that many children in our region still have no access or limited access to a computer.

So to support those headteachers on our ever-growing waiting list, we’re fundraising to purchase new Chromebooks for children and young people who need them to continue their online education. With your support we’ll buy from local computing suppliers and distribute across the region via senior leaders in schools. They’ll continue to support children to get safely online once they receive the device.

Image from KidzClub in Leeds, one of our amazing community partners

According to new analysis from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, based on data from Ofcom and ONS, there are at least 116,000 families in Yorkshire and the Humber without access to a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, around 10 per cent of the total population – Yorkshire Post  , 11th January 2020.

Every £259 raised will buy a Chromebook for children on our waiting list. Our aim is to make a difference so every penny from this fundraiser will be directed towards devices and computer peripherals to support a child’s learning – headteachers tell us that mice are important!

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We know that times are hard and small donations will make a real difference when they all add up. We really do appreciate your help, every little counts.


Header image by Windows at Unsplash